Getting There: Rome to Positano

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I flew from Boston to Rome on Norwegian Air, which has super affordable flights to main cities in Europe. I booked train tickets from Rome to Naples, leaving right from the airport, using – it was super simple, and you can flash your ticket on your smartphone when you arrive, so no documents to keep track of!

At the Rome airport, just follow the signs to the train – it’s very well-marked. They run about every 30 minutes, and you can hop on whenever you arrive – they don’t enforce the times within a few hours.

You’ll then take a quick ~30 minute journey from the Rome airport to the Roma Termini stop, which is a large central rail station. Watch the boards for your platform – you’ll be Naples-bound in no-time!

(I splurged on a business class ticket, which was 100% worth it. The seats are wide, have electrical plugs, and you have tons of space to spread out. Plus the service will bring you drinks & snacks!)

I had arranged a transport through my hotel in Positano from Naples to Positano. It was pricey (about 140€), but after a long day of travel I didn’t have it in me to figure out the busses. I was traveling solo, but it would be a bit less ugly if splitting with travel companions!


Hop a train from the airport, and arrange a transport from Naples. It’s pricey, but well worth it for the convenience!

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